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March 29 & 30 2023 will be Arise Days. You can sign up now!

Getting to know us

ARISE is gaining momentum, and we’re ready for more. That’s why, on the 29th and 30th of March, we will host two Arise Days at Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden. A day filled with visionary keynote speakers, updates on ARISE, various interactive breakout sessions, outreach sessions with the museum visitors and of course networking opportunities. 


Get inspired

The program so far

Behind the scenes, we are working very hard on a program that will appeal to both people working on Arise, people who will be working with Arise, and people who want to know more about Arise. Whether you are a field biologist, big data analyst, science journalist, AI programmer, policy maker, ecologist, data infrastructure builder or you just want to geek out about the latest autonomous wildlife monitoring solutions, the Arise Days will have something for you.

This year, we will organize them together with our friends of the Biodiversity XL network, so there will be even more to do and more people to meet than last year!

March 29 will be the Arise inspiration day. See keynote speakers, hear what the project has been up to,  join breakout sessions on the different aspects of Arise, there will be engagement with the museum audience through interactive sessions on the museum floor and a special two-day exhibit on the sensors and monitoring tools we use. Of course , there will also be plenty of opportunity for networking and drinks. 

The next day will be themed "Combining forces to tackle the biodiversity crisis". There will be breakout sessions on citizen science, annotation, data management and policy. Together with Biodiversity XL we'll host a poster session, and explore themes like sampling and genomics in the afternoon sessions.

You can return to this page for regular updates as the program takes shape, or sign up for our mailing list to get updates in your mailbox. 

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But even better, you can...

Register right now

If you sign up now, you are ensured of a spot. You can register for either or both of the days.


Practical information
about the location can be found on here on the Naturalis website.

I don't see a mention of an entry fee anywhere?

That's because it's free. We cannot guarantee this for 2024, so all the more reason to join now!

Will there be a livestream again?
Sadly, no. Due to budget constraints and lifted covid measures, we're opting for a real life-only version this year.

Will the entire day be in English?

We aim to be accessible to the non-Dutch people working on or with the Arise infrastructure, so yes. Conceivably, some of the breakout sessions may switch to Dutch if everyone there speaks it, but don't count on it.  

I have a disability that requires special attention

You are very welcome to join us! Naturalis is fully accessible by wheelchair. We aim to accommodate all other disabilities too, but please let us know about them in advance so we can be sure to make the necessary arrangements.

I have a great idea for a keynote speaker, breakout session or other activity!
We still welcome input. You can let us know your suggestions by email, but we cannot guarantee that we will be able to make them a reality. 

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