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Arise Day 2024: great having you!

Arise is getting somewhere - thanks to people like you.

We organize our Arise Days to connect to people and inspire them (and ourselves, of course). And boy, did it work this year! We had a wonderful keynote lectures by Toke Høye and Marion Koopmans. Garden biologist Luc Hoogenstein taught us about the role empty pizza boxes have to play in biodiversity monitoring. We explored a VR future without pollinators, and we gave an update about Arise, of course. Because what was only a plan in 2020 is now a reality. We have over a hundred sensors in the field, adding millions of pictures to our data pipeline leading to AIs that analyze them. Our experts have collected tens of thousands of samples, and we generated almost thirty thousand DNA barcodes already. We're making more and more friends, and they are helping us by building more features, adding more sensors and collecting more samples. Which brings us to the highlight of the 2024 Arise Day: you. Without the people working on Arise, working with Arise, wanting to know about Arise or helping us think about Arise, all of this would still be just a plan. We hope to see you again soon! We hope to announce the date for Arise Day 2025 soon, but for some of you, there is another Date to Save: on September 28 there will be another Barcoding NL event, for the people helping out by collecting specimens. More info to follow.


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