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Setting-up, running and maintaining digital sensors for identifying species
and their traits


 Monitoring Demonstration Sites

The MDS team is setting-up, running and maintaining digital sensors for identifying species and their traits, thereby demonstrating and innovating the use of cameras, sound devices, radar and other sensor technologies for ecological research and biodiversity monitoring.

At selected sites in the Netherlands, various digital sensors are established to demonstrate the automated identification of Dutch species and the monitoring of biodiversity, specifically the occurrence, abundance, behavior, biomass and movement of species across space and time. The sensors include a range of standardized and automated sampling methodologies to detect and track species, including camera traps, sound devices, radar systems and bio-loggers. Together with additional sensors (e.g. phenocams and weather stations), the simultaneous collection of DNA material for sequencing (e.g. from soil and water samples), and field sampling with traditional methods (e.g. malaise and pitfall traps), we facilitate multimodal data integration and innovation of sensor networks and novel biodiversity monitoring technologies.

Our sensors

Here are some of the sensors we are using now, but ARISE is a plug and play infrastructure that can add input from all kinds of devices. Get in touch with our Team Biocloud if you want to know how your equipment can work with ARISE.

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