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What are we looking for?


Target List

We want to build a DNA reference database of all eukaryotic species in the Netherlands. Fortunately, many species already have a DNA barcode. We keep track of the barcodes in our Target List.
It is updated every two months. We add all the new barcodes we processed (thanks to you!) and update it with new taxonomic information and species that are new for the Netherlands. 

How to use the list?

Enter the name of a species or group in the search bar. For now, it only works with the Latin names, so "sea slugs" won't work but 'Nudibranchia" will. The "view table" button gets you to an overview on the species level, which you can download and edit in spreadsheet software.  

Screenshot Target List.png

What if a name is not there?

The Target List is based on the Dutch Species Registry ( If a name is not in our Target List, there's several possible reasons:

- Latin names change often. Maybe your species or group has a new name?

- Some species are in the registry, but not on our list. For instance, because their identification for the Netherlands turned out to be a mistake. The species then gets a status code 3 or 4. 

- The species you found is not in the Registry. It could be a new species for the Netherlands!


Do you disagree with the naming or occurrence status in the Species Register? In that case you can contact the Dutch Species Register.

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