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Sneak peek: what will Arise look like?

Biodiversity data, connected

Currently the biologists and the programmers are working fairly tirelessly on gathering samples, developing DNA extraction methods, digital species recognition and all things ARISE.

But in the end, it all has to come together in one big infrastructure. What will that look like, for the end user? We've set two Interaction Design students to work to start thinking about what Arise should do and look like. Rosalie Kross did a great job and graduated on her vision. It's in the video above - tell us what you think!

Arise is big and complex, and that means we have all kinds of internships, not just in biology and IT, as Rosalie's work shows. If you study something even remotely related to the things we do, and feel like you want to contribute, get in touch, and we just might have the perfect internship for you.


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